The Multifamily Conference Virtual Speaker Series

📅 April 11th @ 7pm EST - Marcin Drozdz

This method is tried, tested and true. It’s the best way I know to ensure that my team gets the money we need to close all of our projects. The E.A.S.Y System is a direct & honest approach meant to help you work with potential investors to create genuine urgency, maintain rapport and ask for the commitments you need to move forward.
What you’ll learn:
– TALK TO LESS PEOPLE to get the money you need.
– BUILD & MAINTAIN Relationships with those who say NO.
– BE IN COMMAND. Not on Demand

📅 April 20th @ 7pm EST - Mel & Dave Dupuis

Most investors think the only way to acquire property is either paying all cash or getting a mortgage from the bank. But what is there was a 3rd option? Mel & Dave have grown their portfolio using OPM and the power of creative financing.

📅 April 25th @ 7pm EST - Danielle Chiasson

Danielle Chiasson is a serial entrepreneur known for her work in the field of real estate investing in residential redevelopment and
rental housing. Focused in Ontario, her many projects have ranged in scope from light clean-ups to full renovations, as well as legal duplex, triplex conversions, and multi-unit flips. 

She works as a general contractor managing various trades & staff, while managing her organization. She fills her days operating multiple businesses, underwriting properties, balancing finances, managing rental properties, and endlessly educating herself and others. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in Ontario and a member and contributor of several real estate education organizations. Danielle is passionate about business and real estate, and shares her experience and knowledge with other investors through speaking engagements and various online platforms.

📅 May 2nd @ 7pm EST - Lawrence Raponi

Lawrence Raponi is an Associate Vice President at Equiton with over 10 years of experience in real estate and a strong background in nearly every kind of investible asset class. He got his start in real estate at a very young age, having purchased his first investment property at only 23. Today, he manages a portfolio of real estate assets, consisting of both direct real estate ownership and passive investments like Equiton’s. He firmly believes in the benefits that sound management can have in the overall returns of an investment portfolio which is why Equiton’s model of managing the Fund’s as well as the properties within the Funds has proven to be so successful.

📅 May 9th @ 7pm EST - Seth Ferguson

Want to look at an apartment building and instantly know if it’s a deal worth doing?

In this live webclass, Seth will walk you through the 3 T’s of Underwriting an apartment building. This process will help you separate the GREAT deals from the average and bad deals, and will help you uncover the hidden red flags that could undermine your business plan.

📅 May 16th @ 7pm EST - Janet LePage

Janet LePage is the Co-Founder & CEO of Western Wealth Capital. For the past decade, Janet has been focused on creating wealth through well-selected real estate.  She has grown her precise business strategy from more than 50 residential transactions in Arizona to the purchase of 129 multifamily buildings comprised of over 29,000 rental units. Under Janet’s leadership, Western Wealth Capital has grown to over 400 employees and successfully completed over $5.4 billion in real estate transactions.

In 2019, Janet was recognized in Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 for Business and 2019 RBC Canadian Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Janet was also a bronze winner of the International Stevie Awards for Women in Business and awarded the REIN’s Multifamily Investor of the Year.

📅 May 23rd @ 7pm EST - Brad Sumrok

Since 2005, Brad has personally helped his students purchase over $6 Billion in apartment complexes, involving thousands of investors who have taken his training. Many of Brad’s students began with zero previous investing experience and, within a few short years, hundreds of his mentoring students have retired and/or increased their net worth by over $1 MILLION. Even more are earning double-digit average annualized returns.

Brad’s first investment EVER was in 2002. He started with a 32-unit apartment complex and by 2005 he retired from his six-figure income job. Over the years, Brad has owned over 57 apartment buildings totaling over 10,000 doors and just over $1 Billion in asset volume. He and his wife Jen earn 7-figures annually from their investments and have significantly reduced their US federal taxes due to the preferential tax benefits of owning apartments.