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From: Seth Ferguson
Re: The NEW Multifamily Conference Affiliate Program

In 2022, we did something really special: We literally changed how real estate events are done.

MFC22 changed so many lives, I’m STILL getting messages from people who were inspired to take bigger action and level up their investing.

I definitely didn’t expect all of that and it blew me away, but it’s really cool and it makes me realize how important this conference is.

We have BIG goals for 2023. We’re 10Xing the event, bringing in some heavy hitters with Grant Cardone and Alex Rodriguez, I rented out the CN Tower, I rented out the best nightclub in the city for the afterparty, and we’re just taking everything to an entirely new level.

(And my son made sure I ordered extra fire for the stage!)

My mission is to bring 3000 investors together in 2023…

When more investors get together, the better it is for everyone. It means MORE connections, MORE deals, MORE opportunity, MORE energy, and MORE change and growth.

As a community, I know we can make it happen!

And that’s why I felt it was important to launch our affiliate program. Just like we partner up in real estate deals, I really believe it’s important we partner with our community to make The Multifamily Conference the best it can be. We have tremendous strength as a group.

What the program does is allows you to leverage your network, your community, your list, give them the opportunity to come to the best real estate event out there, and also rewards you with a commission for each ticket sale you make. I want to help you monetize your list.

And we’re making it really easy! All you have to do is create an affiliate account on the site. Once we approve it, you have access to a whole bunch of ad creative, graphics, copy, everything you need to share this event with your community and list.

You get a special link, and everything is tracked from there. You just include your personal link on everything you do, and you earn money when someone uses it.

I’m a big believer in win-win opportunity, and I’m really looking forward to having you on board and building this event into something really special.

When you click the button below…

  • You’ll be prompted to create an account. Note: your username will be part of your unique affiliate link.
  • Once you create your account it will be sent to our team to review (to eliminate spam or fake accounts.)
  • You’ll receive an approval email and you’ll login to create your unique affiliate link and gain access to the affiliate graphics and content.
  • You’ll then earn a 15% commission on each ticket sale, payable monthly.
If you run into any issues, email